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Thank you my lord

There are days when I think that life is cruel and hard
Sometimes I ask myself have I got to play this part
but then there comes a helping hand
There is someone I call a friend
It is so wonderful to know he's there
And after all I think that life is fair.

Ref: Thank you my lord. I want to thank you for this friend.
he's there and helps me if I am at my wits' end.
Thank you for such a friend like him.
Can go with him through thick and thin.
Thank you my lord. I want to thank you that he's the way he is.
Without him there would be so much that I would miss.

© text:Tobias Müller/music:Joachim Scheef/Arrangement:Joachim Scheef

The life on earth has good and bad times that's for sure
I have a friend to share it both what could I wish more
He likes me just the way I am
I trust him like no other man
The time we spent together is so great
Without him I would have to meet my fate

Ref: Thank you my lord...

He is the best friend and man I have ever known lends me his power if I am pretty down
A day with him and I feel sound
He is the best to fool around
I know that he's a man I can count on
The relation between us is so strong

Ref: Thank you my lord...